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Posted by on Oct 17, 2018 in Heating and Air Conditioning |

What To Expect From Air Conditioning Services In Harford County, MD

What To Expect From Air Conditioning Services In Harford County, MD

In Maryland, air conditioning services include regular maintenance strategies for residential and commercial customers. The services include annual inspections that identify common issues and cleaning options. A local service provider offers Air Conditioning Services in Harford County MD for regional property owners now.

Seasonal Cleaning Services

Seasonal cleaning services are vital to preventing blockages in the unit. The contractors remove dust, dirt, and debris from inside the unit and around the fan and motor. Exterior units must be cleaned to remove leaves and dirt that accumulate between seasons.

Gauging Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant levels ensure that the unit producing cool air appropriately. A certified technician reviews the refrigerant levels and charges the unit when levels are too low. If too much refrigerant is in the unit, the technicians must follow EPA regulations for extracting the gas from the air conditioning unit. Any leaks that are discovered must be repaired, too. Leaks could present health risks for the property owner and their neighbors.

Inspecting Major Components

All major components are inspecting as a part of annual maintenance services. The components such as the fan, motor, and condenser coil are inspected for issues. For example, if the condenser coil begins to freeze up, the technician determines if a blockage is an issue or if the component needs to be replaced completely. Thermostats are also evaluated to ensure that they regulate the interior temperature.

Replacing an Air Conditioning Unit

Technicians recommend a complete replacement when it isn’t feasible to try to fix the unit. Typically, if the cost of repairs is more than the total price of a new installation, the owner should just replace the unit. The technicians help the owner choose a new unit and provides a full estimate.

In Maryland, air conditioning services are paramount for extending the longevity of the unit. Repairs must be completed as directed by the manufacturer or the warranty is void. A skilled HVAC technician completes common tasks that improve performance levels and lower common risks. Property owners who want to schedule Air Conditioning Services in Harford County MD are encouraged to contact Maryland Heating & Air for an appointment right now.