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Posted by on Apr 21, 2021 in Health |

What To Expect From A Foot Doctor

What To Expect From A Foot Doctor

A foot doctor, also known as a podiatrist, is a professional who treats patients who suffer from ailments that affect the feet, ankles and lower legs. A foot doctor near Racine has a number of tools at his or her disposal that are used to examine and diagnose the problem. Once the problem has been ascertained the foot doctor has a number of treatment methods that can be used including; anti-inflammatory or pain medication, the surgical removal of skin maladies or fitting the patient with unique shoe inserts designed to relieve discomfort. Although many foot doctors offer a general practice there are some that specialize in a certain area of feet and ankle care.

During the first meeting between the foot doctor and a patient the doctor will want to get information about the symptoms as well as the medical history of the patient. Only after getting this information does the foot doctor near Racine conduct a thorough evaluation of the foot in question. If the problem is a corn or wart the doctor can usually remove it by freezing, cutting or burning it off. Ingrown toenails can be treated as well with equally delicate care. A foot doctor will normally have an X-ray machine readily available so that an accurate diagnosis of an internal problem can be made.

In the event the initial evaluation shows that the patient has a torn ligament, a fracture or other internal injury to the area, the doctor may suggest surgery. In many cases the foot doctor is licensed to conduct invasive surgery while others may refer the patient to another specialist; an orthopedic surgeon. After the surgery the patient will continue to have the problem checked to ensure that the foot or ankle is healing properly. If necessary the foot doctor can provide the patient with custom made shoe inserts that are designed to provide proper support and cushioning. The foot doctor can also prescribe medicines such as pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs and if necessary, arrange for the patient to be treated by a physical therapist.

A foot doctor near Racine will have devoted a number years to education before he or she is licensed to treat patients. The potential foot doctor will attend a four year undergrad program plus four or more years of specialist medical school followed by a residency program of at least two years before being allowed to take the licensing examinations.

If you are suffering from pain or discomfort in your lower extremities; feet, ankles or lower legs then you should arrange a visit to a foot doctor near Racine. If you are looking for foot doctor, then contact Family Foot & Ankle Clinics of Wisconsin, LLC.