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Posted by on Sep 22, 2012 in Home Improvement |

What to Do – and What Not to Do – in a Flooding Emergency

One of the first things any homeowner should do upon discovering that the house has been flooded is to shut off the electricity. You may not need to shut it off for the entire house, but at least in the affected areas. When a house is severely flooded, the chances of electrocution increase, for obvious reasons. Once you have done that, you need to find out what the source of the flooding is. That may be tricky, and you may need to call water damage experts to come in on an emergency basis.

Most companies who provide services for water damage in Phoenix are available for emergency situations at all hours of the day or night. They may be able to help you, over the phone, to find the source of the water so you can shut off the flow while you wait for them to arrive. If you already know the source and it is shut off, or if it is something that cannot be shut off, while you wait for the water damage technicians in Phoenix to arrive you can start moving some of your belongings out of the water. When they arrive, they will do that, too. If there are areas you can mop where water has extended, do so.

Other steps you can take are to get wet furniture cushions out and put them in a spot to begin drying. If you have drapes that are in the water, lift them out and hang them on the curtain rod. Any area rugs can be taken out, as well, and put in a safe place for drying and restoration later. Take all of your valuables, such as photos, paintings, and other art objects, out of the room to dry and be kept safe.

Some people, possibly due to panic, take action that is incomprehensible, such as trying to use their vacuum cleaner to soak up water. Vacuum cleaners are not made to soak up water, and you risk electrocuting yourself if you try it. Not to mention, you may well permanently damage your vacuum cleaner. For the same reason, don’t walk into a flooded kitchen and try to use the toaster to make breakfast. That is a bad and dangerous move. Don’t use any electrical appliances in a flooded area.

You may be able to extract some water using a carpet cleaner or similar product; however, that will not be enough. At best, you will clear out standing water, but more water has likely infiltrated your carpet, floors, and walls, and can threaten the structure of the house, as well as potentially grow toxic mold. A water damage company in Phoenix is your best bet for a speedy recovery.