What Makes Preschool in South Riding So Important for Growth?

by | Oct 10, 2013 | Childcare

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Preschool is a formative time in a young child’s life. Though it may not have the pioneering importance of the first early days of grade school, there is something special and necessary in that grade level. Grade school has the social edge, where children gain social interactions and skills counteracted against more intense and focused learning. Preschool is a significant opening to that school dynamic. Preschool is shockingly important, because children are shown to learn and grow far more efficiently than adults and even kids past the age of 12. These years help form their learning habits for life. The capabilities of a preschool student are vastly superior to an adult based on sheer ability to learn. It is said that a preschool age student can learn a language 600 times faster than ad adult. Their brain processes information faster and more reliably, stretching their imaginative learning abilities to the max. Many underestimate the volume of new information children take on every single day.

With all that said, Preschool in South Riding is extremely important for families. The child learns habits of learning that apply to the rest of their life. This includes focus, motivation, naming objects, tangibility, and recognition of shapes and letters. What are words made of? Why does everything have a name? How do people think differently than I? These developmental questions shape the early progress of the child brain. Preschool in South Riding stands to improve a child’s capability for the rest of time.

It is amazing to see preschool learning play out in such detail. Perhaps this is why child care workers go into the field in the first place. The average salary barely rises above $20,000, meaning many of these workers are moving into a field with a low minimum. But they do it for the love of the children and the love of teaching. This may be an interesting situation, but it is one that parents should be happy to be associated with.

Child care facilities in South Riding take preschool students as well as children under three for families with two working parents. In this economy, many families need the child care services provided on a daily basis. The wonderful suburban small town of South Riding relies on these reliable services to make surviving and prospering more manageable

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