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Posted by Judie Langford on Sep 16, 2014 in Dentist

What is Invisalign®?

What is Invisalign®?

It was not too many years ago when the only approach to straightening and aligning teeth was with metal braces, although many patients still opt for metal braces there is a new product available that does the same thing but better; San Jose Invisalign®. This product consists of an entire set of clear plastic devices which are worn for perhaps two weeks and then replaced with another device. Every Invisalign® is a little different, they all are designed to keep putting a gentle force on the teeth, pulling and pushing them into their proper position. There are several advantages of San Jose Invisalign® over conventional metal braces.

Just as the name implies, these devices are practically invisible. Many patients, especially adults do not like the thoughts of wearing traditional braces because they are so highly visible. These people can go ahead with teeth straightening without the embarrassment of braces. These dental devices are soft; the design reduces the risks of tooth damage and irritation and possible inflammation of the lips and gums that are frequently an issue with braces.

As well as their invisibility and comfort, these devices can be taken off and put back on at any time, this makes them ideal for eating and drinking and of course, dental hygiene. Braces allow for the development of plaque and tartar in places that the patient can’t get to with brushing. Invisalign® can be removed for special occasions where braces simply won’t fit in.

When patients decide on Invisalign® they often experience a slight lisp and find speaking to be a little difficult. These issues soon fade as the patient becomes accustomed to wearing them. It is recommended however that patients who do suffer from a speech problem talk to their therapist before going ahead with Invisalign® aligners.

Not every dentist can fit San Jose Invisalign®, there is a special technique involved with the fitting and use of the devices. The specialist dentist first takes impressions of the patient’s teeth; these are then digitized to help the dentist formulate a treatment plan. A set of aligners are then ordered, each aligner is slightly different than the one it replaces, slowly the teeth are manipulated until they are perfectly straight and aligned.

Invisalign® tends to cost more than traditional metal braces but for many patients cost is of less importance than a perfectly straight set of teeth and a gorgeous smile.

Metal braces are no longer the only way to get straight teeth; today San Jose Invisalign® is available. You can now work toward perfectly straight teeth without the embarrassment of a mouth full of metal. You are invited to contact California Shine Dental.