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Posted by on Apr 6, 2015 in Remodeling |

What Double Bowl Sink Refinishing in St Paul, Minnesota is and why People Need it

What Double Bowl Sink Refinishing in St Paul, Minnesota is and why People Need it

Sometimes a bathroom or kitchen can look a little shabby, but still be in good condition. In these instances, it can be wasteful to completely renovate the space. When the problem is the fixtures like the tub in the bathroom or a kitchen sink, many can feel helpless and think they will have to spend the money to buy new. This is not always the case though. If the fixtures are solid and in good working condition, the items can actually be refinished to make them look like new again.

Double Bowl Sink Refinishing in St Paul MN can save hundreds of dollars when compared to replacing a sink and the plumbing attached to it. It is also a job that can be accomplished in a single afternoon, without all the mess and fuss that remodeling requires.
A fresh new surface will make your kitchen look better, but it will also be cleaner as well. When sinks are scratched and chipped, it can be impossible to clean inside all of those crevices and properly sanitize the sink. With a solid surface, cleaning is faster and more effective.

To accomplish a resurfacing, the company will clean and etch the sink. Etching is used on porcelain and similar surfaces the way sanding would be on wood. It is done for the same purpose as well, to allow the new finishes to be able to hold onto the surface. All dips, chips and dings will be filled or repaired so they will be invisible once the sinks are coated.
There are typically four or five coats of products applied during the refinishing. These coats will be a coat or two of primer and then several coats of enamel paint. The paint itself can usually be custom ordered to fit the decor of the room. In some instances, the change of color is the whole reason people want to replace their sink.

Urban Bath Co. offers Double Bowl Sink Refinishing in St Paul MN that can turn ugly and outdated fixtures into new, glossy and modern looking pieces that can entirely change the appearance of any room quickly and at an affordable price. If you are ready to stop being embarrassed by your unattractive sink, contact them today for a free estimate.