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Posted by on Jun 6, 2015 in Lawyer |

What Does A Business Litigation Attorney Do?

What Does A Business Litigation Attorney Do?

A business litigation attorney in Chicago is a legal professional that represents clients who are involved in a lawsuit which is the result of a business disagreement. As well as being known as a business litigation attorney these lawyers are also known as commercial litigation attorneys, there is little or no difference between the two titles. Business litigation often stems from disputes between business partners, shareholders in the business, employees, suppliers and even competitors. The area of law the conflicts fall under is business law which in itself is made up of statutes and case law. Often a business litigation attorney will be called upon to handle the collection of debt owed their client.

Much of what a business litigation attorney in Chicago does involves contractual disputes. Many contracts include a clause that calls for the parties to arbitrate their disagreement before they file a civil lawsuit. A business litigation attorney can deal with either and is prepared to settle the case if it is felt that settlement will be of benefit for the client and the other party agrees with the opportunity to settle. These attorneys also write agreements for a client which is either suing or being sued in an effort to avoid future problems. Drafting an actual contract is something that a business litigation attorney can do but rather than the main focus of the practice it is more a service than anything.

There are often disputes between the owner of a building, the landlord and a tenant. A business litigation attorney in Chicago is often hired to represent clients involved in commercial real estate issues. Such matters can be eviction of a tenant for violation of the terms of the lease or non-payment of rent or claims for personal injury on the premises. Just as the attorney can represent the property owner in a lease dispute he or she can also represent the tenant if there is a breach of the lease.

More and more one finds that a business litigation attorney in Chicago is willing to take on debt collection for a client. Depending on the situation it may become necessary for the business owner to sue a debtor for recovery, especially if the solution is to go after the assets owned by the debtor. In some cases the issue will result in a civil lawsuit while in other cases a simple letter from the attorney to the debtor suffices.

If you are involved in a business dispute you will need to engage the legal services of a business litigation attorney in Chicago. You are invited to contact Zimmerman Law Offices.