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Posted by on Mar 11, 2016 in Tree Service |

What Comes To Mind When You Think About Tree Services On Oahu In Hawaii?

What Comes To Mind When You Think About Tree Services On Oahu In Hawaii?

As one of the larger Hawaiian Islands, Oahu is home for nearly 1 million “local” people. It is also the location for the State Capital – Honolulu – and the main international airport. The island is considered a major tourist haven with visitors coming for both its magnificent beaches and the natural beauty of the inland areas. The widespread growth of many types of tree is a prominent feature of the “non-beach” scene.

The Importance Of Trees

This is not the place for a discussion along environmentalist lines about the role of trees in oxygenating our planet. The point here is that the beauty of healthy trees growing in profusion adds to the scenic wealth of a place. This is true whether they are growing in the wild or cultivated in parks or other places.

Tree Services On Oahu

Before mankind, trees looked after themselves but, since the dawn of history, we have been interfering with the natural order of things. As a result, we now call upon specialists to provide services to encourage, maintain, protect and (when necessary) remove trees. These include the whole life cycle from planting through pruning to cutting down and removing the roots. Improving a trees appearance can also improve its health by the removal of dead, weakened, diseased or insect-infested parts (notably the branches).

More specialized aspects of this service can include the likes of:-

* Root Pruning
* Root Barrier Installation
* Risk Assessment
* Vascular Injection (also known as tree, trunk or stem injection). This is when targeted, and precise application of pesticides, plant resistance activators, and fertilizers are injected directly into the tree. This is done to protect the tree from pests or for the provision of nutrients.
* Lot Clearing
* Storm Restoration

Avoiding Waste

Although the climate of Oahu is pleasant, there is still a need for firewood – particularly for outdoor activities like beach parties, barbeques, camping, luaus, etc. If you obtain your firewood from a tree services contractor, it should be sourced from trees that they have been working on and recycled into firewood. This avoids the need to cut healthy trees simply to burn their wood.

When you use Hala’ Toa’ Mui Contractors Inc, or HTM Contractors as they are more commonly spoken of, you are sharing their 30 plus years of experience in Tree Services in Oahu. (By the way, the phrase hala toa mui comes from the Tongan words for – “road of ironwood trees”).