What are the Seasonal Interior Window Shades in Sarasota, FL Trends for 2016?

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Home And Garden

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The old white bland blinds and interior shades will not do any more for homeowners in Sarasota. Interior Window Shades Sarasota FL, need to have some flair. They need to be exciting and fascinating, taking in the colorful and vibrant sunlight this winter and drawing it through the home. What are some of the best trends for Interior Window Shades Sarasota FL, as the year comes to a close and the next one begins?

The Span of Blue

Blue is a flexible color. Light blue hues are extremely accommodating. Shades such as teal and robin’s egg are gorgeous. Dark blue colors, such as navy, are also flexible in what they fit with. The light blues can act as a complement to white, and the dark blues fill in as a complement to black. The use of blue in the window shades is remarkably illuminating. The darker blues are better in blocking out light, but they also limit the sunlight within the room. Dark shades work better in areas that tend to inconveniently brighten up. The light blue colors work better for those who want a bit of incoming light and want the visual palette of light blue.

Upgraded Fabrics and Luxury

Another huge trend moving into 2016 is luxury fabric. Silk and velvet are brilliant in a home. It is a huge embellishment over a traditional blind or window treatment, and homeowners will get what they pay for. These fabrics are anything but simple and are usually suitable for large rooms with a variety of colors.

A Natural look and Bamboo

Bamboo is not cheap. But, the look is infinitely popular. Bamboo is a natural wood texture that does not seem treated or forced. It fits certain types of rooms where there are a lot of wooden accessories and furnishings. The brazen look of bamboo is simply palatable. Bamboo is also environmentally-friendly, which is its own major trend as the world grows more conscious of environmental features. Click here for more details.

Sunlight in Florida is year round. It is now the perfect time to transition the home decor with new blinds and fabrics and include Blindsanddesignsofflorida.com options from their official website.

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