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Posted by on Oct 23, 2019 in Business |

What Are Some of the Key Benefits of Residential Window Tinting?

What Are Some of the Key Benefits of Residential Window Tinting?

There’s a lot to be said for having tinted windows in the home. You already know opting for window tinting in Jacksonville helps to reduce glare during different times of the day. What you may not know is the advantages of tinting don’t stop there. Here are three other benefits that make tinting a wise investment.

Protecting Your Skin

Did you know your skin could still be damaged if you happen to spend a lot of time near a window? Direct sunlight, even when filtered through glass, contains UV rays. If you opt for residential window tinting, you can reduce the UV ray exposure by 90 percent. That goes a long way toward helping you and your family avoid a number of skin conditions.

Less Energy Needed to Heat and Cool the Home

Another key benefit of window tinting in Jacksonville has to do with reducing the amount of energy needed to control the indoor temperature. The tinting adds another layer of insulation and preventing the transfer of heat and cold from outside. Thanks to this quality, you will notice the utility bills are a little less each month.

Improving Safety and Security

You can invest in window tinting in Jacksonville that does not block your view, but does prevent anyone outside from looking into the home. Along with providing you with more privacy, there’s also the security aspect. Glass that’s tinted is more difficult to break or shatter, providing more time for you to get to a safe place if anyone is trying to break into the home.

Thinking about having your home’s windows tinted? The team at Advanced Window Tinting Inc. can help. Call us today or visit to learn more about our residential window tinting services. It won’t take long to work out the specifics, schedule the work, and ensure you’re happy with the results.