What are Laugh Clubs?

by | Sep 12, 2013 | Business Services

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A lot of people say “laughter is the best medicine” and they may be right. Laughter has been known to cure chronic depression and it has also been known to be a way of relieving stress. In modern day life, people are feeling more stress since they are under a lot of pressure either from work or life’s struggles. As we know, stress is extremely dangerous over long periods of time and it can lead to serious health issues. This has led to a rise in Laugh Clubs.

Laugh Clubs are special groups that practice what is called “laugh yoga”. These groups are very welcoming to new people as the whole point of the group is to relieve stress in a way that is fun for all. Laugh yoga involves long voluntary laughs of different types and patterns. It has been known to have great physiological and health benefits.

When laughing, the muscles in one’s stomach and back contract and release. This improves circulation of blood and, therefore, leaves the muscles relaxed. This leaves one feeling fresh, and at the same time, energetic. This can lead to a healthy amount of weight loss. This practice also makes great use of the mouth. The constant movement of the jawline tightens muscles and makes one look young, as it prevents wrinkles from forming.

The trend started from motivational speakers who were looking for new ways to keep people happy. They started with comedy shows and evolved into laugh clubs. Although forcing yourself to laugh may seem odd at first, it then can turn into real and somewhat contagious laughter. The people within the group keep eye contact with each other. This helps people relax and enjoy the laughter as contagious laughter usually starts when somebody sees another person laugh and finds it humorous.

Laughter clubs costs approximately fifteen dollars per session. Prices vary depending on the length of the class the expertise of the teacher. These clubs are also a good place to socialize with others, as well as share your issues with people willing to listen. Being a member of these clubs helps one lead a healthy life style as you may also be given diet tips that will help you maintain general health.

Doug Dvorak is a professional funny motivation speaker who has began the laughter club in Chicago. Visit website for more information.

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