What Are Aftermarket Auto Parts?

by | Apr 3, 2015 | Automotive

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Although the sole purpose of a car is to get the occupants from point A to point B safely and conveniently there are many people who want to do this in the best, baddest or fastest way possible. For those who want to “trick” out their car they turn to aftermarket auto parts from Wentworth Ave in Chicago IL.

The term “aftermarket” simply alludes to the fact that the parts are not made or provided by the original manufacturer of the vehicle. Parts that are produced or sold under the name of the vehicle manufacturer are “OEM” parts, original equipment manufactured. In almost all cases performance parts are made by aftermarket component manufacturers.

When a new car is purchased from a dealer, when it is driven off the lot any optional equipment that may be included are stock options. Stock options are items that are offered by the manufacturer through the dealer network, these options usually include wheels, tires, upgraded sound systems, etc. For those who wish to go further and make additional modifications to their car they turn to aftermarket auto parts from Wentworth Ave in Chicago IL. The use of aftermarket parts allows the owner to truly customize his or her vehicle.

Many aftermarket parts are non-performance oriented; they are used for visual purposes. These modifications include various graphics, fender flairs, high end chrome or mag wheels, etc. Most of these parts are easy enough to install that the owner normally does it. Other parts, usually those that are designed to improve the performance and speed of the vehicle will usually have to be installed by a professional mechanic. Performance parts include modified cam shafts, injector systems and oversize pistons. Although these components are readily available they must be chosen to compliment the rest of the vehicle. A car that can run at high speeds also needs excellent brakes so care is required when choosing the parts.

The use of aftermarket auto parts from Wentworth Ave in Chicago IL may invalidate the cars warranty so owners are well advised to check first before going ahead with the changes. Just as the majority of original equipment parts are designed for a specific make, model and year, so are aftermarket parts. Before ordering any parts it is up to the customer to make sure that they are suitable for the vehicle in question. It is also important that the owner ensure that it is legal to install the part; in some jurisdictions for example window tint is regulated as is the color of headlights and taillights.

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