What a Brand Development Agency Can Do For You

by | May 7, 2014 | Business

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Ever wish people could look at your company’s logo and instantly name off your product line without blinking? Think that only happens for big-name soft drink companies and the makers of the most popular running shoes?

Think again! That recognition factor comes from careful conceived and executed marketing plans. A solid brand development agency can help it happen for you.

What is Brand Development?

A brand development agency is an advertising firm that doesn’t necessarily specialize in fast sales. What this type of firm seeks to do is create a lasting buzz around a particular product, product line or entire company. The idea here is to create household names and make sure logos instantly elicit thoughts about a particular product.
Consider those big soft drink companies. Most people can simply look at an outline of their logos and know exactly what they mean and maybe even conjure images of tall, cold glasses of fizzing liquid. That’s brand management at its best.

How it Works

A brand development agency won’t necessarily recommend the exact same campaign for every client obviously, but some of the pillars in successful efforts might include:

1. Traditional advertising – Once a brand logo, image and story is created, an agency will take the campaign out to traditional media to get the buzz going. The platforms here generally include television, radio, print and even bill board advertising. The idea is to get the brand out in the general spotlight enough so that it becomes more identifiable with buyers.

2. Online advertising – People spend a great deal of their time online. With that in mind, a good branding campaign will also involve an Internet pillar. Placement ads and pay-per-click strategies can come into play here.

3. Social media – Social media marketing is ideal for brand development. This type of marketing involves creating a community around a product or company. In doing so, businesses position themselves to develop long-term
relationships with customers on a more personal level. This, in turn, can develop loyalty, which is the overall goal of branding since it directly impacts the bottom line.

4. Product placement – While a novelty to some, product placement ads can have serious branding juice. When popular actors are associated with particular brands those brands benefit.

A brand development agency can help your product become a household name.


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