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Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in Automotive |

Watch Out For the Curb When Parking

If you have a car and you are parallel parking, how many times have you hit the curb? It happens more often that people would like to admit. You have to be careful when parking because you can ruin your wheel rims. When you consider the cost of new rims for your vehicle, it is a good idea to take good care of them and protect them. Damage can easily be done to car rims when you are parking and hit a curb, so it is a great idea to protect your investment.

How Can You Protect Your Rims?
You do not want to fall for the trend of using a satin or matte finish that people are using. These finishes tend to be very hard to clean and will hold oil and some use a silicone wheel base shine. When you want a car rim protector it is a good idea to get a product that will last. A great product will offer the protection you need and it can also cover up unsightly scratches that you may already have on your rims. This works by protecting the rim against scratches and damages that your car would get when you accidentally hit a curb while parking. These are made to fit the outer edge of your wheel and will provide a barrier between the curb and your wheel rim. This is a sacrificial product that will keep protecting your rims even after many scraps.

How Do These Fit on Your Rims?
When you purchase a car wheel protector these typically come with easy to follow instructions. You will need to use good quality grease and wax remover to clean the wheel rim, before making sure that the ends of the wheel protector have been cut off squarely. You should also wipe it with the supplied wipes to ensure that the glue will stick well. Start with peeling approximately 10cm of backing off the strip and start at the top of the rim and work in either direction, removing the backing as you go. Remember to not stretch or pull on the rim protector. When you have finished going around your rim, use a sharp blade or scissors to cut off any extra. Firmly press on the protector along your rim and you are done. With these simple steps anybody can apply this application to enhance the life of their rims.

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