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Posted by on Feb 18, 2016 in Wedding |

Using Scroll Wedding Cards for Themed Weddings

Using Scroll Wedding Cards for Themed Weddings

If you are planning a themed wedding, one way to capture the magic of the event right from the start is by sending scroll wedding cards to your guests. These invitations combine majesty, elegance and whimsy and are sure to charm anyone who receives them. No matter your wedding theme, there are many unique ways to include scroll invitations in your ceremony.

Add a Touch of Magic to Your Fairy Tale Wedding

Weddings with a fairy tale theme are popular all over the world, and sending out scroll wedding cards is a fun and fanciful way to announce them. Imagine your guests receiving an elegant scroll invitation in a keepsake box, just as if they were being invited to a wedding straight out of their favorite royal fairy tale. Consider using silk tassels for an added regal touch and colors such as silver and gold that turn these invitations into works of art. For a final effect, add a dash of glitter to your invitations on the outer box and on the invitation itself.

Seasonal Themes

Scroll wedding cards can add a dash of whimsy to any wedding that features a seasonal theme. For example, if you are planning a lavish spring wedding, scroll wedding cards printed on silk paper that feature themed graphics like cherry blossoms, blooming trees or flowers highlight the meaning of the season and what it means to the start of your new life. Since these invitations can be printed on almost any type of paper, you can include custom colors and photos as well. Consider adding a photo of the happy wedding couple that turns the invitation into a keepsake for friends and family.

Traditional Themes

Scroll wedding cards are used in places such as India and China to announce weddings and are often used in religious communities as well. Now this tradition is quickly spreading to the United States as people all over the country are discovering the elegance and versatility of these invitations. If you are planning a traditional wedding, consider sending these invitations as a way to highlight this theme. Scrolled invitations for traditional weddings are typically longer than other types of scroll cards and include elegant printing and script that provides wedding details for your guests. The fabric is a popular choice for traditional scroll invitations, but the choice is ultimately up to you.

Custom scroll wedding cards are available from both local and online printing companies. No matter your wedding theme, scroll wedding cards are a charming and elegant way to invite your friends and family to this momentous occasion. For more details Visit Website.