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Posted by on Jan 5, 2016 in Roofing |

Use Roofing Contractors in Gig Harbor for Superior Roof Repair or Replacement

Use Roofing Contractors in Gig Harbor for Superior Roof Repair or Replacement

There are several types of roofs around and in spite of certain types being used for residential or commercial structures, there is no single type of roof used for one or the other. Granted, there may be materials that are used on commercial roofing systems that aren’t used on homes, but these simply aren’t practical for the smaller installation. This particular type of roof is the low sloped roof also known as a flat roof. It typically uses the BUR (Built Up Roofing) method because it provides a low cost solution for covering a building. Flat roofs can also use materials such as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), TPO (Thermoplastic polyolefin) and EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer). The first two membranes are polymer based and provide great coverage for large buildings. The latter is often applied to smaller buildings because it has a tendency to shrink a bit.

If the roof is a pitched or gabled structure, then the Roofing Contractors in Gig Harbor may recommend asphalt shingles. The common, three-tab, asphalt shingle is the most budget friendly of these materials, but these products have warranties that range from ten to twenty-five years, based on the quality of the shingle. This may be fine for some installations, however, to get long term results will require another roofing medium. There are a number of possibilities including stamped steel, fiber-cement, clay tiles, laminated shingles, composite shingles and at least one newer product made from recycled materials. This last choice is extremely durable and may even protect the home during major storms.

Deciding which option for the Roofing Contractors in Gig Harbor to install may seem tough, but all it requires is weighing the pros and cons. For instance, stamped steel comes in a variety of types and is galvanized with zinc or zinc/aluminum for longevity, but it is one of the more expensive options for roof replacement. Fiber-cement also provides a durable roofing solution that is both water and pest resistant, however, this product only has a service life of thirty to thirty-five years. Laminated and composite shingles work by using extra material to make the product more durable and like stamped steel these materials tend top be more expensive.