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Posted by on Jun 24, 2019 in Pest Control |

Use A Professional Flea Removal Service When You Discover An Infestation

Use A Professional Flea Removal Service When You Discover An Infestation

Having warm weather is always good since you can take your dog for a nice walk or even swimming. Many families enjoy being outdoors and having fun together. However, warm weather also brings a few dangers. When it’s warm, it provides an environment where fleas can thrive. If you’re starting to see some signs that your pet has fleas, it’s probably time to contact a flea removal NYC professional.

Fleas Can Be Dangerous

These wingless, small animals are extremely difficult to spot if they are attached to your pet. Unfortunately, their main purpose is to feed off of the blood of your cat or dog. They can carry dangerous diseases such as tungiasis and typhus, which can cause your dog to have diarrhea or vomit if they become infected.

Signs Of Fleas

Fleas will cause an excessive amount of itching, which makes it easy to identify that something’s wrong. Other signs to watch for are bites that appear as red lesions. You’ll want to see if these start to appear in multiple areas. You can also look for eggs in your cat’s bed or your dog’s play area.

Fleas Enter From Multiple Angles

Unfortunately, the reality is that it only takes a single flea to cause a major infestation in your home. In some circumstances, they may not even enter via your pet as some fleas will hitch a ride on rodents first. Once inside, fleas have an excellent ability at spreading into a number of different areas. They can land on your living room carpet and transition to your pet’s bed.

Utilize A Professional Flea Removal NYC Service

If you’ve done an inspection and feel like there is a flea infestation, it’s best if you use a professional flea removal NYC service. They have the ability to quickly eradicate your flea problem and make sure that it is completely gone. They utilize special equipment and techniques that they know work, which helps ensure that your pets stay happy and itch free.