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Posted by on Oct 7, 2014 in Jewelry |

Unusual Tongue Ring Barbells For Men And Women

There are a huge number of styles and options when it comes to designs of tongue ring barbells. This is wonderful news since you can, over time, come up with a collection of different body jewelry that is perfect for any possible occasion. The added bonus is that these are not expensive jewelry items so you can have a big collection without spending a fortune.

If you haven’t stop to look at the different designs and features of tongue ring barbells you don’t know what you have been missing. Find a great online website and spend some time browsing around, you may be surprised at what you may find. Keep in mind that styles of this type of body jewelry are perfect for either guys or girls and there is no right or wrong style for anyone to enjoy wearing.

Sports and Entertainment

You may be surprised to find a host of different tongue ring barbells with a definite sporting theme. You will find these typically make with bioflex shafts and acrylic heads and can include football, baseball, soccer or even things like dice, pool ball designs or some of your favorite characters from cartoons, comics and other entertainment options.

Smiley Faces and Iconic Symbols

Other very popular options include a range of different “smiley” faces or emoticon styles of designs. These can be in a variety of colors and, of course, a variety of expressions. There are also some great iconic symbols on tongue ring barbells such as shamrocks, skull and crossbones, flowers and marijuana leaves as well as animals, insects and peace signs for that 60s look and feel.

There are some types of very unique tongue ring barbells that may change color when exposed to sunlight, that glow in the dark, or that have very unique colors and designs that are very unusual and highly visible in the mouth.

Eye designs in tongue ring barbells are something that you don’t see every day and that will certainly get people talking. Flags of the world that allow you to sport the colors of your country or a country you are visiting or have traveled to are also ideal for men and women that want something that is anything but ordinary.

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