Understanding What Mobile Health Vans Can Offer

by | Sep 22, 2014 | Travel

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When it comes to mobile health vans, there are many types available. Some offer a range of services, while some are designed to offer one specialized service. These vans come outfitted with state of the art equipment, and they can be customized with precision for a range of medical needs in the industry. From health screening vans and blood collection vans, to wellness vans, mammography vans, hearing and vision vans and more, the possibilities are endless. Some of these mobile medical vehicles are even equipped with full service solutions, so that doctors can take their medical practices on the road to serve additional communities from what their practices are in.

Hearing and Vision Vehicles

These vehicles are typically equipped to offer high quality hearing and vision diagnostic testing services. Qualified medical personnel operate these vehicles, and they can do everything from testing and basic treatment, to prescription writing and making referrals for patients that need additional care. Hearing and vision tests are vital for everyone.

Blood Collection Vans

Many people need their blood tested frequently for various medical conditions they may have. Blood also needs to be donated to ensure that blood banks are well stocked. A mobile blood collection van is the perfect way to get this accomplished. These vans are quite spacious inside, so there is plenty of room for a blood drawing area, equipment, a waiting area, lab area, refrigeration units, and anything else you will need to have a sterile blood collection environment.

Health Screening Vans

A health screening van is perhaps one of the most important mobile medical vehicles available. These vans provide a range of services that are absolutely vital to people having good health. They offer services such as cancer screenings, and screenings for a range of diseases that include diabetes, stroke, heart disease, COPD, high blood pressure, skin diseases, respiratory diseases, osteoporosis screenings and more. These screenings are vital, because they catch diseases when they are in the early stages. When diseases are caught early they are often much more treatable. The fact of the matter is that health screening vans save lives.

Mammography Vans

Mammography screenings can catch breast cancer in the early stages, so they are vital and save lives. Many women may not even know they have breast cancer, because symptoms are not usually present in the early stages. Screenings can detect the cancer even if symptoms do not exist. Mobile mammography vans are important to reach women on a broad scale.

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