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Posted by on Aug 2, 2017 in Insurance |

Understanding the Options for Snowmobiles Insurance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Understanding the Options for Snowmobiles Insurance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

People know they need to get insurance for their cars, but they don’t always realize that it’s a good idea to have insurance for other types of smaller vehicles as well, including snowmobiles. It’s important to understand how Snowmobiles Insurance in Milwaukee Wisconsin works before making a decision about whether it would be beneficial for you. This type of vehicle isn’t usually covered under auto, renters, or homeowners insurance policies, so you’ll need to get a separate policy.

Type of Coverage

Most types of snowmobile insurance will provide coverage including property damage liability, collision, comprehensive and bodily injury liability insurance. It may also be possible to get Snowmobiles Insurance in Milwaukee Wisconsin that covers accessories, trailers, increased liability limits, uninsured or underinsured drivers, and year-round damage or loss through theft. It’s usually recommended to get at least liability insurance, to get passenger coverage if you frequently carry others on your snowmobile, and to get collision insurance if you have a particularly expensive machine.


The requirements for snowmobile insurance vary by state. Some states require snowmobile insurance with at least liability coverage, including Vermont, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota, while in others it’s only required to ride in certain recreational or park areas. Those who finance their snowmobiles will need to have insurance as well, but it’s a good idea to get the insurance even if it’s not required because of the risk of accidents.

Cost Considerations

The cost of the insurance will vary based on the coverage selected, but there are some potential ways to decrease the cost, including combining policies with one insurance company or minimizing coverage during the off season. While liability insurance may always be mandatory, some types of insurance may be decreased during the off-season when the snowmobile is not in use, although you’ll still want to have it covered against theft or loss. Keep in mind that this may make it impossible to get other types of discounts and you’ll need to remember to reinstate regular coverage before snowmobile season.

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