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Posted by on Mar 22, 2022 in Apartment Building |

Understanding Tenant Rights When Considering Student Apartment Housing

Understanding Tenant Rights When Considering Student Apartment Housing

When a college student looks for an apartment for the first time, it’s essential to learn certain rights of renters. The information allows the student to identify reputable, scrupulous landlords. When a person finds this type of student housing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, there will be no problems with safety or ongoing inconvenience.

Health and Safety

A reputable landlord and property management company provide housing with no issues that could negatively affect tenant well-being. For example, there must be no broken windows or roof leaks. All plumbing fixtures and the heating system must be in good condition. If student housing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, includes appliances and air conditioning when the new renter moves in, the landlord is expected to respond promptly if anything malfunctions.

Applications, Deposits, and Fees

By law, applications cannot include questions about religion, sexual orientation, or race. Prospective renters should expect to pay a security deposit and receive it back if they move out at the end of the lease. The main exception is if part of the deposit is needed to pay for damage the tenant caused during residency. Some property owners also require application fees. Students might look for promotions waiving the fee and even the deposit if applications are approved months before the next semester begins.


Year-long leases are common. Some students are nervous about signing a lease, worrying about being locked into a contract. They should consider that the contract protects them too. For instance, landlords cannot raise the rent price while the lease is in effect.

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