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Posted by on Apr 30, 2015 in Healthcare |

Typical Services Found At An Animal Hospital In Logan Square

Typical Services Found At An Animal Hospital In Logan Square

No one wants to think about their pet getting hurt and needing emergency medical care, but it’s important to find an animal hospital in Logan Square and understand the services they can provide. Each location will be slightly different, but almost all of them will offer similar services, such as health exams, ultrasound, radiographic diagnostics, laboratory needs and emergency services.


Just like you go to the doctor for regular exams, so should your pet. Most pet hospitals will provide regular exams as well as other services because they are so important. This means that pet hospitals can also be used as clinics or veterinarians. In some cases, hospitals employ vets to help prevent medical problems and diagnose them quicker, so your pet has a better chance of getting well again.


Humans typically need ultrasound and radiography exams at some point in their lives, and the most common reason includes pregnancy. Dogs and cats will also require these services at some point to help view the skeletal system or internal organs to find the cause of the problem or to check to ensure everything is normal.

Lab Services

While not all pet hospitals are lucky enough to have an in-house laboratory, many are equipped with such, and it can help you tremendously. You will receive immediate results about your pets, and the findings will be more accurate than if the specimen had to be sent away to a different location. Typical services can include blood counts, electrolyte panels, chemistry panels and testing, cytology and urinalysis.


Many hospitals can help with emergencies, but some smaller ones may not provide after-hours care. If you require this service, you may be referred to a larger facility if the location you choose doesn’t offer after-hours or emergency care.

Types of Animals

Most pet hospitals will handle many different animals. Of course, cats and dogs are the most common pet in America’s household, but rabbits and other pocket pets may also be helped through these services. Pocket animals can include flying squirrels, prairie dogs, hedgehogs and spiny mice, along with gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and fancy rats. However, you’ll need to contact the facility first to ensure they handle exotic animals.


You will likely need to call in to schedule an appointment, but many are offering online appointment services to help you better.

An animal hospital in Logan Square can help your pet with many different needs. When considering a new location, choose Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic, as they offer the best care.