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Posted by on Oct 7, 2019 in Real Estate, Real Estate Agency |

Types of Flats Ideal for a Woman

Types of Flats Ideal for a Woman

It is a known fact that a woman has to face a lot more restrictions than a man. Be it in terms of career or buying a house, men are usually brought to the forefront. Most women are striving to overcome the obstacles they face. Moving to a new city for the job gets a lot easier if you have a living space of your own. Unlike many other cities, Chennai has been showing steady progress, and with many residential flats for sale in Chennai, most women around the country prefer shifting here. But to know about what kind of living space you should get, you have to know about the individual advantages that each type comes with.

  1. Gated Community – Residents live in walled multi-storeyed compounds. This is very safe as there exists strict security outside the gates. The neighbours too are friendly by nature as everyone lives in a close-knit community. Gym, supermarket, restaurants or playgrounds are available inside the perimeter and can be accessed by the residing members only.
  2. Row Houses – Houses of the same design are lined in a row. They have the same architectural design and lie adjacent to each other. Very similar to gated communities, people residing in row houses also have cordial relationships with one another. Since these houses share the same wall, they are perfect for you if you do not want to live an isolated life.
  3. Studio – Going easy on the pocket, studios are the most wanted amongst flats for sale in Chennai. If you do not want to share your space with anyone and do not have many belongings to fit in, studios are your best friend with a living room, kitchen and washroom stacked into a small area.

With changing times, women are slowly taking charge of their own lives. Moving to the city of Chennai has never been safer with the rise of budding flats everywhere.