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Posted by on Mar 18, 2019 in Construction and Maintenance |

Two Particularly Common Types of Masonry Repair in Chicago IL

Two Particularly Common Types of Masonry Repair in Chicago IL

Chicago is home to thousands of beautiful brick buildings, many of which have been standing for decades. There are also many parts of the city and residential properties that feature other types of masonry, like those based on natural stone or tiles.

When any piece of masonry suffers damage or significant deterioration, the best option will inevitably be to have it fixed right away. Experts at masonry repair in Chicago IL are always standing by to provide whatever specific types of service their clients might require. Contact Golf Construction or another leader at repairing masonry, and it will become clear that there should never be a reason to tolerate problems for long.

Repairing Every Possible Type of Masonry Problem

Well-constructed masonry should normally hold up for many years without trouble, but issues can always arise. In addition to the toll that simple aging takes, masonry can suffer damage from accidents, severe weather, and other sources.

Fortunately, any such problem can always be addressed in ways that will leave masonry looking great and as structurally sound as when it was brand new. Some of the most common kinds of masonry repair in Chicago IL involve work including:

  • Repointing: Masonry of all kinds includes the use of mortar that is employed to hold bricks, blocks of stone, or tiles securely in place. Over time, mortar will inevitably deteriorate, often long before the objects that it supports suffer much of any damage themselves. When mortar starts to crack, fall out, or separate, it will always be best to have it repaired right away. Repointing masonry in this fashion will help protect the entire surrounding structure from damage that could otherwise result.
  • Replacing Materials: In some cases, masonry materials like bricks, stones, or tiles will suffer damage themselves. As the structural integrity of the entire section of masonry could be imperiled should a single piece be missing, it will always be best to have the issue addressed right away.

Preserving Masonry for a Long Time to Come

When masonry repairs are arranged for as soon as they become necessary, a precious investment will always be better protected. Having an expert repair any masonry that needs such attention will be the best policy in every case.