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Posted by on Mar 11, 2016 in Tree Service |

Tree Sales in Fort Worth: The Texas Mountain Laurel

Tree Sales in Fort Worth: The Texas Mountain Laurel

People who move to Texas from a northern state have some things to learn if they want to work on gardening and landscaping. If they buy a brand new house in the Fort Worth area, they may have to start from scratch with landscaping. There may not even be any grass planted, and there aren’t any trees either. These individuals might look for tree sales in Fort Worth so they can get started with some planting that is native to the local environment.

The Texas mountain laurel tree is a good choice to begin with. The botanical name for this tree is Sophora secundiflora; people also call it the mescal bean tree. It’s an evergreen, but it looks quite different from evergreen trees people are accustomed to seeing up north. Instead of needles, it has small, flat glossy leaves. The tree blooms with purple flowers that have a lovely fragrance reminiscent of grape juice. A prime advantage of this tree for central Texas residents is its ability to handle dry and even drought conditions. It thrives in this sunny climate that tends to be arid during the summertime.

At Tree Sales in Fort Worth, people can buy mountain laurels that are already well-established instead of having to pay close attention to saplings. They can obtain Texas mountain laurel trees at heights from 5 to 12 ft. At 12 ft., the tree is considered to be at its full mature height, although it might still grow taller. Property owners who want to have these plants as shrubs can keep them cut back shorter. Two or more of these trees quickly get the initial landscaping on track, so the yard doesn’t look so barren. It should be noted that the fragrance from the trees is rather strong, so that should be considered when deciding how many of them to have in one part of the yard.

This choice of a tree from a supplier such as Alfaro Tree Sales, Inc. can help northerners replace the lilac bushes they loved back home. Lilacs don’t grow well in the Fort Worth area because of the heat. The fragrance and appearance aren’t the same, but new Texas residents will appreciate the lavender flowers amid green leaves.