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Posted by on Jan 28, 2019 in Tree Service |

Tree Pruning Services in Queens County NY Maintain Tree Health and Beauty

Everyone love trees; their green appearance, the cool shade they provide, the sounds of the winds as they flow across and through the branches. Trees on a property enhance both the value and beauty of the lot, and positively impact the resale value of the home. For this reason, careful effort has to be put in to care for trees properly so they will live and thrive for generations.

Tree bracing in Elliott City MD aims to accomplish two objectives: the healthy maintenance of the tree and reduction of hazards. The former entails structural adjustments to ensure proper growth. The latter involves removing dead or dying limbs and excessive growth. Trees on a domestic property grow more limbs than they would otherwise develop in nature. These can make a tree top-heavy and also vastly increase its wind resistance. Trees in such a condition are especially vulnerable to being uprooted in a powerful storm. As a result, it is necessary to periodically thin out these branch growths in order to protect the tree from wind damage. This protects the house the trees are proximate to, and increases the safety factor on the property.

Certified arborists begin the process by examining the tree from multiple angles and carry out climbing inspections to identify limbs needing removal or trimming. Each branch to be cut away or reduced is marked and the work performed within the time needed to do the job safely. It’s not just a matter of protecting people but also the tree itself. Limbs are removed in such a way as to not inflict unnecessary injury to the tree. Cutting limbs away in stages makes the job more manageable and ensures a safe reduction. When the job is finished, the property owner won’t even be able to tell that much of a difference in the appearance of the tree if the removal has been performed properly.

Contact Ballard Enterprises for tree pruning in Elliott City MD. We have serviced both residential and commercial clients. Our services includes tree doctoring, removal, and cabling and bracing. Call us today for your tree care needs.