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Posted by on May 28, 2019 in Dentistry |

Treating pain after a tooth extraction

Treating pain after a tooth extraction

Fortunately the pain associated with have a tooth extracted rarely lasts more than a day or two at most. After you have undergone an extraction the pain can be controlled by medication that is normally available by prescription or from the dental clinic in Houston, TX where the extraction was done. The pain can also be controlled somewhat by applying ice to the area.

After the extraction the dentist will provide the patient with instructions on post op care. In most cases the dentist will provide the patient with a written list giving point by point instructions to aid in the healing process as well as manage post extraction pain. The instructions will give details of what to do for the first 24 hour period; in some cases the dentist will provide detailed instructions for the following day or two. What is very important is to avoid any injury at all to the extraction site; make sure the tongue and fingers are not used to probe the site, this may open the wound and bleeding will take place. If the extraction was such that it required sutures these will simply dissolve after a few days or you may be asked to return to the dental clinic in Houston, TX and have them taken out by the dentist.

If the extraction was of such magnitude that the dentist feels it is necessary, he or she will prescribe pain medication. There is always a tendency to take more pain relief medicine than is prescribed but this is something that must be avoided, follow the dosage directions carefully. The pain can be eased with cold drinks or ice pops as well.

In most cases the dentist will warn you against eating any solid foods for at least 12 hours and perhaps as much as a full day. Avoid eating anything crunchy like potatoes chips or anything else that might scratch the gum near the point of extraction.

If there is still pain after a few days from the extraction you may want to apply a warm compress to the cheek at the extraction site, this will often relive the pain. A washcloth dipped in warm, not hot water is ideal.

There is supposed to be a blood clot form after the extraction, if this does not happen there is a possibility of a dry socket developing. If you begin to feel a throbbing pain, return to the dental clinic in Houston, TX for further treatment.

Extractions are sometimes necessary due to advanced decay, infection or an accident. If this is the case you will want to make an appointment at a dental clinic, you are invited to Contact Copperfield Dentistry.