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Posted by on Apr 29, 2021 in Urgent Care |

Transportation When Special Care is Necessary in the Hackensack Area

Transportation When Special Care is Necessary in the Hackensack Area

Medical transport is necessary when a medical situation cannot be handled where the patient is located. Motor vehicle accidents, fires and transportation between medical facilities are just a few of the instances in which critical care services in NJ are needed.

Emergency and Non-Emergency Transport

Assisted care facilities in Hackensack and surrounding areas are often recipients of critical care services in NJ. Patients in wheelchairs or with limited mobility may need transportation from the hospital to their home or doctor’s office. Though not an emergency, a regular vehicle may not accommodate their wheelchair, and the family member driving may not be trained in assisting a handicapped person in and out of the car.

The ability to offer medical attention while en route makes this service valuable to many patients. Helping someone who has just received outpatient surgery get home saves time and cost of staying overnight in the hospital. Patients in skilled nursing facilities can be taken from their SNF unit to have tests done and returned safely. A stroke or heart attack are examples of emergency situations where critical care transportation is needed.

Unique Treatment for Everyone

Each patient has their own needs when it comes to medical transport. The transport team will adjust each person’s treatment based on age, diagnosis and/or reason for transport, and medical history when related to the present condition.

When You Need Critical Care Transportation

Respectful and compassionate care will be given to your loved one being transported by Alert Ambulance Services, Inc. Familiarity with their website at will save time when you need them in a hurry or want to schedule a trip.