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Transman Bottom Surgery: Understanding the Options

Transman Bottom Surgery: Understanding the Options

Every transman is different, which also means that there are several paths that may be perused to express their gender identity. This applies with surgery, specifically bottom surgery. Bottom surgery, also known as genital surgery or gender confirmation surgery, involves creating male appearing genitals and can help transmen feel more confident in their bodies.

Type of Transman Bottom Surgery

There are severVaginal Removalal different procedures that can be involved in bottom surgery. These can include creating a penis, creating a scrotum and inserting testicular implants, or removing or closing the vagina. There are different surgeons who do different surgeries. For example, a gynecologist might be adept at removal of the vagina while a plastic surgeon would be tasked with creating a penis.

Creation of the Penis

With this procedure, there are two options. They are known as a metoidioplasty or phalloplasty. The metoidioplasty is a procedure that is appropriate for a transman who has been on hormone therapy for a specific amount of time so that the clitoris has grown. The surgery involves cutting the ligament that holds the clitoris in place and removing some of the tissue nearby. This frees up the clitoris, so it isn’t as attached to the body. This creates a penis, but smaller than the average man’s would be.

The other option, phalloplasty, involves removing a flap of skin and nerves from the forearm, making that into a tube, and then surgically attaching the new penis to the groin. In most cases, a skin graft from the thigh will be taken to cover up the area on your arm. This can create a larger penis but is a much larger procedure and can leave large amounts of scarring.

Vaginal Removal

Surgery can be used to remove or close the vagina in a transgender man. It can be done in two ways. In one the entire vagina is removed, often at the same time as the cervix and uterus. The other option removes the vaginal lining while the muscle surrounding it are stitched together to close the area.