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Posted by Judie Langford on Sep 22, 2014 in Construction and Maintenance

Transforming a Room With Tin Ceiling Tile in New Haven, CT

While many people settle for factory homes that resemble every other home on the block, others like to add a touch of personality. Homeowners can do a lot to change the appearance of their home, from painting walls to adding funky furniture. However, altering the architectural and design features of a home can make the biggest impact. One way to do this is by adding a bit of life to the ceiling.

Ceilings are an often overlooked part of the home. Most people choose to leave them plain white. However, homes can have a number of different types of ceiling finishes. In earlier years, popcorn ceilings, a stucco detailing, were the way to go. Today, those finishes look dated and old. Homeowners can easily get rid of their ceiling finish and invest in a new tin ceiling. Tin ceiling tiles can completely transform the look and feel of a room. They add a touch of personality and class to any space.

While it may seem a daunting to install tin ceiling tiles, there are great companies that will install the best Tin Ceiling Tile New Haven CT, has ever seen. The stamped tin comes in a number of different designs. The possibilities are endless. Homeowners can find a design that suits their personality and space. If homeowners want a more refined appearance, they can choose a simple grid pattern. For more flare, they may choose to go with a lace design. Either way, the ceiling will surely pop.

Installation is quite simple. Construction companies, like Abingdon Construction New Haven, CT, will first visit the space to gather measurements. From there, they’ll prepare the tin ceiling tiles to fit the space perfectly. The tiles are adhered to the ceiling using a number of different methods, depending on the quality of the ceiling. They can be glued on with an industrial strength adhesive or tacked on with tiny nails. For a more secure fit, a combination of those methods can be used as well.

In the end, homeowners will have the best Tin Ceiling Tile New Haven CT, has to offer. The affordable design element can do wonders to a space; bringing it from dull and boring to fun and flashy. With the numerous design options available, homeowners can fully customize their space and create something truly unique. Browse website for more details.