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Posted by on Jul 21, 2015 in Business |

Tradeshow Booth Staffing Strategies

Regardless of how big or small your booth space is, or the type – modular or portable tradeshow displays – you use, without a well-trained, dynamic show staff, your entire effort will be completely pointless.

When an event is going on, the representatives you have in your booth carry the job of pre-qualifying visitors and beginning the relationships that will eventually convert to prospects and leads, eventually to buyers.

Put simply, the effectiveness of the exhibit team will actually make or break the success that you have at any given tradeshow. Therefore, it is essential that you choose on the brightest and best representatives from your business or organization.

These are the individuals who strongly believe in the product or service that you offer. They should also have superior customer service and communication skills, while being able to fully understand the business objectives and goals.

If you do not have the on-site staff to man your booth, you should use volunteers or an exhibit staffing company in the booth. However, prior to the event it is essential that you provide adequate training in regard to all aspects of your business or organization.

The training should include a detailed background about your company’s target audience, goals, mission, sales message and products. These individuals, while temporary, will be the face of your company during the event and need to be able to effectively project your expertise and image.

Some guidelines to ensure that the staff you hire for your tradeshow booth are effective include:

* Choose individuals who are fully engaged, lively and friendly.
* Training needs to include a well-practiced script where all visitors are greeted quickly.
* Let the staff know what you expect of them.
* Don’t put too many staff members in your booth. This can cause potential visitors to turn away, thinking the booth is too crowded.

After the show, the booth staff needs to contact each lead that was gained by phone, personal letters, invitations for a meeting or some other manner to discuss the next steps. In order to ensure that those who visit your booth eventually turn into buyers, continued communication is crucial.

However, prior to getting your first sale, you must be sure to staff your booth with people who will generate leads. This seemingly small detail can actually make or break your entire tradeshow booth experience.