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Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Transportation and Logistics |

Tours of the Macabre for Groups in Baltimore

Baltimore hosts a number of attractions for groups, whether local or from elsewhere, and a bus rental from Montgomery County is a great way to take in the sites. There is so much to do in Baltimore, and there isn’t anything much more fun that doing it as a huge group in a luxury limousine bus. Rental services in Montgomery County will provide both the chauffeur and the ability to follow your itinerary safely and on a timely schedule.

A literary tour of the city might include getting a bus rental to check out the home of the legendary Edgar Allen Poe, who lived in Baltimore briefly when he was younger, and then after some success returned to the city in 1831. Poe first found fame in Baltimore when he won $50 in a short story contest. The Poe House is open year round for exploration, and nearby is Westminster Cemetery, where he was buried. His body is interned beneath a six foot obelisk. The influence of Poe on the American short story is unparalleled; some even credit him with inventing the modern short story form. He moreover deeply influenced, if not created, the detective genre of literature, as well as the horror novel. Every year on January 19 a mysterious stranger decorates Poe’s grave with roses and a bottle of cognac.

To enliven your bus rental tour from Montgomery County, consider taking in a day visiting Camden Yards and the Babe Ruth Museum. Camden Yards made baseball famous and takes up more space than an entire city block. Catch an Orioles game or practice session and enjoy the historical park that forever changed the nature of American Baseball. Oriole Park offers group amenities, as well as official tours that include the view from the dugout. Sidewalks with painted baseballs direct traffic to the house where Babe Ruth was born, as well as the structure where Francis Scott Key penned the national anthem.

Rachel Carson, the celebrated naturalist and author of Silent Spring, settled nearby in Silver Spring. A group trip for relaxation and the enjoyment of the natural world maybe in order at the Rachel Carson Conservation Park in Brookeville. Six hundred and fifty acres of wildlife, trails and clean air await you.

A bus rental from Montgomery County is a convenient way to reach out of the way places with a group of friends you may not have visited otherwise. Consider taking a group for crab cakes or backfin at Faidley’s, where you can stand at the counter and eat to your heart’s delight, a cold beer at hand, enjoying the company of your closest associates.

Bus Rental Montgomery County – Acquiring a bus rental in Montgomery County through Extraordinar Limousine Service is one of the best ways of touring the Baltimore and D.C. areas as a large group. Take a fun outside as an extended family, or an organizational group, or business associates.