Top Reasons to Hire a Criminal Lawyer in Phoenix

by | May 14, 2015 | Lawyer

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Being charged with a criminal offense is stressful, frustrating and scary. There are a number of different charges which may warrant you needing a Phoenix criminal lawyer, but whether you are guilty or not, it is critical you have appropriate representation throughout the process. Criminal law is an extremely complex subject and anyone who considers representing themselves in a criminal matter should seriously reconsider their decision, especially with so much at stake.

What is a criminal lawyer?

A criminal lawyer in Phoenix is someone who is experienced in handling cases involving a variety of crimes, including drunk driving, white collar crimes, fraud, drug possession, firearm offenses, murder and rape. Criminal lawyers are familiar with the court systems, the court proceedings and what to expect throughout the entire ordeal. Your lawyer will be able to explain your charges to you and help you know what to expect during your court proceedings, how to prepare accordingly and the most likely outcome and sentencing to expect.

Experienced Representation

When you hire a criminal lawyer in Phoenix to defend you against an indictable offense, you will be working together throughout the entirety of the case. Your attorney will help with all the preparations and filing of court documents, work with the prosecutor to reach a plea agreement, represent you during your pre-trial conferences, question the witnesses during the trial and speak to the courts on your behalf.

Bail Hearing

If you have been charged with a criminal offense there will usually be a bail requirement. Bail is a set amount of money you can pay to the courts in order to be released from jail until it’s time for your court hearing. If your financial situation does not allow you to pay the required bail, you’re usually allowed to request a bail reduction hearing. A criminal lawyer can speak on your behalf at the bail reduction hearing and attempt to get your bail reduced to a more reasonable amount. During a bail reduction hearing, the prosecutor will typically argue you are either a danger to yourself or others and/or you are a flight risk, and will fight for the bail reduction to be denied. When you have an attorney representing you, they can help you effectively argue against the points made by the prosecutor, giving you the best chance of your bail reduction being granted.

In addition to representing you throughout the court proceedings, a criminal lawyer in Phoenix can also take care of preparing and filing the motions related to your case. For example, your lawyer may file a motion to dismiss if there is no legal remedy suitable for the case. There are several motions an attorney can help you with, such as a motion for summary judgment and a motion in limine as well as motions which can be filed after a conviction. These motions play a vital role in the outcome of your case, so it is critical you work with a qualified criminal attorney to ensure the most appropriate representation at all times. If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime in Phoenix, The Phoenix Criminal Attorney is available to defend you. Because serious legal problems call for a serious criminal defense attorney; contact the law offices of Jason D. Lamm.

In addition to representing you throughout the court proceedings, a criminal lawyer in Phoenix can also take care of preparing and filing the motions related to your case. For more information contact The Law Offices of Jason D. Lamm

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