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Posted by on Dec 4, 2019 in Apartment Building |

Tips on How to Live With a Dog in Student Living Apartments in Madison

Tips on How to Live With a Dog in Student Living Apartments in Madison

If you’ve decided to bring your pooch with you to the student living apartments in Madison, then congratulations; dogs are unwaveringly loyal and companions to the end. However, before you move in with Fido, check out the following tips to help make the experience an overwhelmingly positive one.

Go Small

This tip only applies if you haven’t gotten a dog yet. Apartments aren’t the best for big dogs. However, a little pooch can feel right at home in small living spaces without causing an impact, which is especially important if you have roommates. If you already have a big dog, then make sure it’s on the approved-dogs list of your student apartment complex. Yes, apartments have lists of prohibited dog breeds, such as pit bulls.

Regular Exercise

Don’t just take your buddy out to do their business; take them for a run through the park or at least around the block. Your poor K9 has to spend the majority of its hours couped up, which can make it go a little stir crazy. If you want a healthy and well-behaved animal in your apartment, then take it out regularly. It’ll thank you for doing so, and you’ll feel much better about yourself.

Doggy Hygiene

Doggy hygiene is especially important in apartment settings because your dog will be inside the majority of the day. If you don’t bathe it regularly, it’ll start to stink up the place, especially if it’s a bigger animal. You should also brush its coat often to prevent doggy hair from getting everywhere.

Roommate Respect

Just because your roommates don’t mind dogs doesn’t mean you should let yours run wild in the apartment. Make sure your pooch is trained so that it doesn’t wear out its welcome.

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