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Posted by on Nov 4, 2019 in Dentist |

Tips on How to Heal From Teeth Extractions in Hoffman Estates

Tips on How to Heal From Teeth Extractions in Hoffman Estates

When one or several of your teeth are beyond repair, you could face no other choice but to have them pulled out. The actual process of having your teeth extracted is relatively minor and simple.

The recovery afterward, however, can be more complex and riskier. You can help your own recovery process after extractions in Hoffman Estates by learning what precautions to take in the coming days and weeks after your procedure.

Avoid Drinking Straws

Whether you undergo one or multiple extractions in Hoffman Estates, your dentist will tell you to avoid drinking out of a straw for several days afterward. Immediately after your teeth are pulled, your dentist will put gauze in your mouth to help your blood clot. However, you can remove the gauze about an hour after your appointment and allow your mouth to start healing on its own.

One of the ways that it heals itself is by forming clots in the gum where your tooth was located. The clot is very delicate and can easily be loosened or dislodged through suction. To avoid having the clot come out and bleeding to start anew, you have to avoid drinking out of a straw.

Rinse With Saltwater

Your gum will also be vulnerable to germs in the mouth and those that you introduce through eating, drinking and using utensils. You do not want an infection to grow in the fresh wound in your gum. To keep the area clean, your dentist will tell you to rinse your mouth with warm saltwater.

It is important not to swish the water in your mouth, however. This motion can also loosen the clot in your gums.

You can find out more about healing from dental extractions in Hoffman Estates online. Call Schumer Family Dental Care or go to today.