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Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Septic Tanks |

Tips for Successful Septic Tank Cleaning in Whitehouse Station

Septic tank owners know far too well the stress and frustration that can come with the territory. Individuals whose homes are on municipal sewage removal systems are typically able to count on hassle-free waste removal from their properties with little maintenance required, but homeowners who rely on external tanks must stick to a regular removal schedule or risk the consequences. Septic Tank Cleaning Whitehouse Station experts say that while regular maintenance is key to a healthy system, there are also several other easy steps that you can take to improve septic tank performance in between cleanings. With little more than a few minutes’ worth of effort, you can increase your home’s waste removal methods and make it easier for the system to be cleaned out down the road.

There are a few very simple steps to keeping a septic tank running well that are frequently overlooked by homeowners. The most common mistake is using the wrong kind of toilet paper. Thick, quilted toilet tissue does not break down well in a septic tank environment, and can create serious blockages that require a Septic Tank Cleaning Whitehouse Station expert to repair. While television commercials and magazine ads make luxurious toilet paper look like a necessity, in truth it can end up costing you hundreds of dollars in repair costs, so it’s better to stick to the plain tissue that is designed for use in septic systems. These kinds are thin enough to tear apart and dissolve easily, which helps to keep the pipes flowing smoothly. On the subject of pipes, it’s important to avoid chemical cleaners to break up clogs and improve flow for a number of reasons. Many of the commercially available clog busters use dangerous chemical compounds that can actually destroy pipes from the inside out. Even if it does remove the clog and flow into the tank, it can then break down the tank walls and leach into the surrounding ground and water supply. Instead of heavy chemicals, Septic Tank Cleaning Whitehorse Station professionals advise using natural cleaners like vinegar or Lysol for sanitation, and a drain snake to break up clogs.

By taking these easy steps to maintain your septic tank, you can extend its life by a considerable length and avoid expensive repairs. Take the advice of experts in Septic Tank Cleaning Whitehouse Station and safeguard your system against common issues, and you’ll be pleased with the results.