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Posted by on Sep 14, 2018 in Pest Control |

Tips for Rodent Removal in Baltimore, MD

Tips for Rodent Removal in Baltimore, MD

Rodents such as rats and mice should never be present in a residential home. They can carry potentially serious diseases and, even in the best-case scenario, wreak havoc on the home by stealing food and destroying insulation, wiring, and even walls. That’s why it’s important to take action as soon as any signs of rodents have begun to appear.

There are two ways to deal with rats and mice. Homeowners can either attempt to solve the problem themselves, or they can call in a professional pest control specialist. Those who choose to take the former approach may want to read on to find a few helpful tips for rodent removal in Baltimore MD.

Choose the Right Products

There are many different products available for controlling rodents, including traps and poison. Choosing the right one is primarily a matter of evaluating the severity of the problem, the environmental conditions, and the type of rodent that is causing trouble in the home. Those who aren’t sure what type of rodent they are dealing with may be better off calling in professional help since not all products work for all rodents.

Place Products Appropriately

Bait stations, traps, and poison should always be placed in areas where rodents travel frequently. These can often be identified by droppings, nesting materials, or gnawing marks even if the rodents themselves have not yet been seen. Keep in mind, though, that all rodent control products should be kept away from children and household pets, who could wind up becoming sick or injured upon exposure.

Use Enough Products

The number of traps or bait stations that should be placed will depend on the extent of the problem and what kind of rodents homeowners are dealing with, but it’s always best to err on the side of excess when it comes to placing them. For mice, bait stations should be placed at 8 to 12-foot intervals, while rat bait stations should be placed 15 to 30 feet apart.

Know When to Call a Pro

Professional exterminators have access to products that aren’t available to consumers, so severe or prolonged infestations sometimes require the help of a pest control specialist. Those who have found that their DIY approaches have not been effective should not hesitate to call in a pro for Rodent Removal in Baltimore MD. Click here to learn about one company that can help.