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Posted by on Apr 16, 2018 in Welding |

Tips For Positioning Cable Tie Mounts

Tips For Positioning Cable Tie Mounts

In the fabrication of machinery, heavy equipment, processing plants, metal building, ships, marine construction and other types of metal facilities and structures, the correct choice of cable tie mounts will be important.

There are different cable tie stud weld systems on the market, which offer a fast, reliable and very durable way to mount the bracket to the metal surface without the need to drill and fasten each mount to the wall or structure.

These stud weld systems will take just three seconds to weld the tie mount in place, then just a few seconds to load the next mount. By the time the operator has moved to the new position, the next mount will be in the gun and ready to weld to the surface.

This system allows for quick application of large numbers of cable tie mounts by one operator. With just one operation the mount is secured in place by a weld, which will never slip, release or break off as adhesives or even fasteners can over time.

Positioning Considerations

By choosing cable tie mounts with anti-roll, coined wings, the cable can be secured in the mount with the tie and pulled taut between the mounts. This allows for the cable to remain tight and straight on the surface, without any sagging or dipping in the line. This will help prevent machinery, equipment or even people walking by from catching the cable and pulling.

Make sure the mounts are located close enough together to maintain the straight line of the cable without pulling too tight. The heavier the cable and the less rigid the cable, the closer the tie mounts will need to be placed.

Add a tie mount where needed to change the angles of the cable run or to make a corner. By noting where the cable naturally sags, it is easy to determine if an addition mount is required in that location.