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Posted by on Jan 18, 2018 in Real Estate |

Tips for Making Your Condo Cozy During the Winter Months

Tips for Making Your Condo Cozy During the Winter Months

Winter is coming full blast and many people’s thoughts are turning to how to make their Citycenter Las Vegas condos cozy for the winter months ahead. When the holiday decorations are taken down and the wrapping paper cleared, you still have the rest of the winter to get through. Read on below for some tips for making your condo cozy and inviting during the remaining winter.

Drape Throws and Blankets Over Chairs and Couches

There is nothing cozier than strategically placed throws and blankets over the long winter months. Keep your Citycenter Las Vegas condos cozy by draping different throws and blankets across the couches and chairs. That makes it easy to curl up on the couch during a long winters’ night, drink cocoa and get lost in that latest mystery novel you have been wanting to read. It’s to nasty to go outside so why not?

Scatter Rugs

Scatter throw rugs across the floors in different places. Not only does it look cozy, it also keeps your feet from getting cold if you have hardwood floors. Scatter rugs that are put in front of the couch or by the bed can also help with that electricity bill as the weather worsens during the winter.

Bake and Cook

There is nothing cozier than the smell of chocolate chip cookies or the smell of a pot of homemade soup simmering on the back of the stove to bring warm you up. Baking and cooking not only gives you something to do when it’s nasty outside, it will also make your condo smell amazing and the food will taste good as well!

For more information on Citycenter Las Vegas condos to make cozy this winter, contact the professionals at Veer Towers for a tour of your new home.