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Posted by on Mar 31, 2016 in Machinery and Equipment |

Tips for Doing Boring Like a Pro

Tips for Doing Boring Like a Pro

Boring operation is one of the machining processes that you need to master to create quality equipment successfully. Before you start the process, you need to run the boring bars at the highest speed and ensure that the feed rates are moderates.

Here are some tips to help improve your boring operation skills.

Preliminary Speed Selection
This is one of the most important steps that you need to take. To know the right speed, you need to consider the specifications of the material. The ideal speed should allow you to cut the material perfectly and without causing any buildup on the cutting edge or wearing out the tool. For instance, when using triple coated carbide inserts, the speed should not be below 450 sfpm while for cast iron the speed should range between 450 and 400 sfpm. Concisely, select a speed that allows you to do the cutting operation safely and without unnecessary overload, tool wear, or vibrations.

Select Chip Load in Inches per Revolution
Every carbide insert has an acceptable range and it is related to the chip load. When doing rough operations, some of the inserts might break the steep chips from approximately 0.007 ipr onwards. To get a reasonable initial cutting condition, you should select the starting speed and feed rate as per the specifications provided by the manufacturer in the user’s manual.

Projection Ration of the Boring Bar
One of the surest ways of doing this is by dividing the total bore depth of your tool with the largest boring bar diameter of the tool you intend to use. The ideal ratio should be 4.1 or close to that. If you find out that the ratio is more than 5.1, consider reducing the cutting speeds so as to avoid chatter.

Do a Trial Cut
A trial cut will help you to get a clearer perspective of the machines and tool capability. As you do the cut, pay close attention to the sounds that the machine produces, the smoother the better. Go an extra mile and look at the chips. If you find that you are getting long curling chips, consider increasing the feed speed. On the other hand, the chips have a shape similar to corrugated iron, the feed rate is too high and should be reduced.

Use the above tips to improve your boring operation skills.