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Posted by on May 14, 2015 in Moving Companies |

Tips for a Stress-Free Transitional Move

Some people have to move twice, in essence, due to having a transitional situation, such as a delay between closing dates on an old home and a new one, due to moving for work, due to a variety of reasons. A transitional move can be complex, more complex than a typical move, but there are things you can do to make things simpler.

While any move might not be completely stress free there are things you can do to lower stress levels throughout the process. Planning is important. Add to that some professional assistance and your stress levels with each move will probably be much lower.

A professional local moving company in Arlington, VA will do the heavy lifting and the transporting, getting your things safely to their destination.

A transitional move can be complex because it generally means moving twice. But if you handle things pragmatically you can make it a whole lot easier on yourself. Here are some tips to help:

Pack Twice

First pack items that you won’t need anytime soon. These items can be put into storage or out of the way until you are ready and fully settled.

Mark items that are going with you to your transitional location. These items are typically packed last. Different colored marker or different colored labels can help you ensure that your transitional boxes don’t get mixed up with boxes that will be stored at a different location or for a longer period of time.

Moving & Storage Help

A local moving company can help you move your belongings and, if needed, can put some of them into transitional storage for you. You can rent a storage unit to hold items you do not need access to immediately and you can either pick these items up yourself or have a local moving company deliver them to you.

Whether you need a local moving company in Arlington, VA to help you stay local or you are considering a long distance move, trying to be as organized as possible will help. Here are some tips:

  • Keep a briefcase of special papers / information you’ll need access to.
  • Keep a container or tote of important items for assembly, such as screws, table legs, basic tools, etc.
  • Carry the number of the moving company you’ve chosen with you in case there are any inquiries or changes.

Need help with your move? Call our local moving company. Arlington, VA homes and businesses have great things to say about our service.