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Posted by on Jul 6, 2020 in Bicycle Shop |

Three Tips for Preparing Your Sports Bike For Sale

Bikes are hot sellers on the market. Because brand new bikes tend to be quite expensive, many people are looking to purchase used bikes that are maintained and still in good condition. In order to put a Sports Bike for Sale at Bilda Bike, follow these three simple tips.

Clean the Bike

No one wants to buy a bike that is dirty and grimy. In order to make sure the Build Custom Bike sells, it will need to be cleaned and sparkling. To clean a bicycle, prepare a bucket of warm water and mild dish washing soap. A sponge and detailed scrub brush will also be needed. To clean the bike, dip the sponge into the soapy mixture and give the entire bike a good scrub down. To clean the smaller crevices and harder to reach areas, use a detailed scrub brush instead of a larger sponge. With the detailed scrub brush, clean the brackets, derailleur, and saddle area. Once the bike is soaped up, simply use a hose to rinse it off. Allow the bicycle to air dry.

Check Brakes and Gears

Once the bike is clean, make sure to test out the brakes and the gears. To test out the brakes, go for a quick ride on the bike. Press down on the brake levers for a couple of times while riding. Make sure the bike stops when the levers are pushed. Look over the brake pads. Make sure they are not worn out, glazed, or too dirty. If so, the pads will need to be replaced. It is also important to check the brake wiring. Make sure all the wires are free of tears and rust. To check out the gears, simply move the derailleur in a clockwise position to ensure each gear works perfectly.

Check the Tires

Lastly, the tires will need to be checked on a bicycle before it is ready for sale. To properly check the tires on a Sports Bike For Sale, simply use a pressure gauge. Bicycle tires should have a psi of anywhere between 90 to 150. If the tires are not between 90 to 150 psi, they need to be inflated. To do this, simply stick the pump head to the valve of the tire and begin pumping until the tire reaches around 90 psi.