Three Signs of Hail Damage in Greenville SC

by | Jun 18, 2013 | Roofing

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If you suspect that your home has recently suffered any amount of Hail Damage In Greenville SC, you may be wondering exactly what signs your home’s insurance inspector will be looking for whenever they come out to examine whether or not you will need to have work done to repair Hail Damage Greenville SC. In this article, we will discuss three signs that your home has suffered from Hail Damage Greenville SC.

Cracked or Loose Shingles
One of the first signs that your roof has suffered from Hail Damage Greenville SC is the appearance of cracked or loosened shingles after a storm that produced hail. Cracked shingles are often caused by small chips that hail creates in the shingles. This can lead to broke or exposed nails, which in turn leads to weak spots in the shingle that can eventually crack or come loose. Since your shingles protect your roof from the weather, it’s important to get these repaired as quickly as possible.

Dented or Damaged Ridge-cap
Your roof’s ridge-cap is the metal or shingle covering at the very top of your roof line. This often is the area where Hail Damage Greenville SC will be the worst because it is both the most flat and most exposed area of your roof. Check that the material is solid and intact without signs of wear or damage, such as dents, cracks, splits, or loosened pieces. Exposed nails cause by Hail Damage Greenville SC here can be a serious problem and affect your entire roof, so keep an eye out for exposed or rusty nails on the ridge-cap.

Leaks or Stains on the Ceiling of your Home.
While the above indicators both require inspection of the actual roofing material, you may first notice the damage from the interior of your home, especially if you don’t make it a habit to inspect your roof for damage. You should pay attention to the ceiling in your home, and check it regularly for dampness. You may also notice light brown stains in the shape of rings, often radiating out from the corners of the home where water has collected in the attic or crawlspace. This is an indicator that your roof has suffered damage and needs to be repairs quickly because it is now causing damage throughout your home.

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