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Posted by on Jul 10, 2018 in Transformers and Inductors |

Three Phase Transformers

Three Phase Transformers

Many people have probably seen a three phase transformer on an electric power pole. Once you see one, you will start to see them everywhere. Three phase transformers are used to step down the electricity that comes from the power plant into your home. Three phase transformers are being used more and more to keep costs low. Three phase electricity is less expensive and more productive certain industries. Three phase transformer manufacturers produce more of these than of the single-phase transformers.

Three phase transformers change the power voltage in a three phase power distribution system. These transformers have three coils connected in the correct sequence in order to match the power coming in from the power company. Once the power is in the transformer, it will transform the power to the appropriate voltage and polarity.

Electrical power from a three phase transformer is higher quality than from a single-phase electricity. This makes it more efficient and reliable.

A three phase electric system allows for heavy industrial equipment to run more smoothly and efficiently. The power from a three-phase transformer can be transmitted over longer distances and uses smaller conductor size than single phase electric transformers.

Many electric motors use three phase power transformers. A three phase power induction motor is highly efficient. They are usually used in motor-driven equipment such as compressors, pumps, fans, and blowers. In addition, electric boilers, large rectifier systems, and air conditioning tools all use three phase power transformers.

The three phase transformers are well known for its dependability, reliability, and longevity. They are compact and require very little maintenance. The three phase transformers are used all over the country but mainly used in electrical distribution systems.

Three phase transformer manufacturers can create custom transformers to meet specific needs. Since these are cost effective and long-lasting, the three phase transformers are your best bet for electrical power distribution.

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