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Posted by on Jun 14, 2019 in Automotive And Cars |

Three Great Reasons to Purchase a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Three Great Reasons to Purchase a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you’ve probably also considered purchasing a used truck from one of the used Ram dealers in Illinois. Used trucks are certainly cheaper than their new counterparts. A lot of people who come to used Ram dealers in Illinois say that the thing that makes them shy away from purchasing used cars is the lack of certainty with them.

What if there was a way to meet in the middle between a brand-new Dodge Ram and a used model? It’s called a certified pre-owned vehicle. If you’re new to this concept, then here are some benefits of purchasing a certified used vehicle that may sway you to do just that.

Because they’ve been fully inspected and vetted, certified pre-owned vehicles do come with a dealer warranty. This ensures that your car will be operational for at least a certain period of time after you take it off the lot. It’s important to note that the warranty and offer when it comes to coverage can change from dealer to dealer. You can also purchase additional warranty coverage if you want some added peace of mind.

Roadside Help
Like many new cars, certain certified pre-owned vehicles come with roadside assistance included with the purchase. This isn’t true for all of the used vehicles on the lot, so be sure to ask your salesperson about this feature. He or she may offer it as an add-on if it doesn’t come standard.

A full Carfax and maintenance report has been run on every certified pre-owned vehicle. This way, you’ll know for certain that you’re not going to end up with a lemon down the road. Each certified pre-owned vehicle you purchase from one of the used Ram dealers in Illinois is a quality automobile meant to last.

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