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Posted by on Oct 9, 2014 in Lawyer |

There Is A Difference Between Reality And The Movies

In the real world being arrested and hauled off to court is nowhere near as exciting as it is portrayed in the movies and on TV. When this happens the person arrested needs to know exactly what his or her rights are and that is what lawyers are for, they also need to arrange for emergency bail bonds in Minneapolis MN. How does this process work?

If you are arrested and charged with a crime and locked up you are faced with really three options; plead guilty at your arraignment, sit in jail until your trial date or arrange for bail which will give you temporary freedom at least. Unless the crime is minor and the court allows you to be released on your own recognizance you will have to put up cash to gain your freedom while you await trial. Depending on the crime and your record, the amount of money that the court will demand can be quite high, higher than many people can cover from their own resources. This cost is call bail; this is what the bondsman provides when you arrange for a bond. The bond has two purposes, it allows you temporary freedom and it is a security measure to the court that you will appear back in court to face trial.

Sitting in jail awaiting trial is not an option for most people so emergency bail bonds in Minneapolis MN become very important. Rather than sit in jail rubbing shoulders with some rather unpleasant characters most people want to get out, arrange their defense and look after family matters while awaiting trial.

The bondsman will need certain information before he grants the privilege. Although bail is often set as a matter of course, getting a bond is not. The bondsman will want all your personal details, what crime have you been accused of committing, where are you being held, what do you do for a living, etc. Once the bondsman has these details the decision to provide a bail bond or not can be made. There are certain arrangements that are made between you and the bondsman and other arrangements made between the bondsman and the court. There obviously is a fee for arranging bail but based on the assessment made by the bondsman who has been asked to provide emergency bail bonds in Minneapolis MN he can also demand collateral as well to cover any eventuality, including a skip.

Emergency bail bonds in Minneapolis MN are available through Liberty Bail Bonds, Liberty are available to process your freedom 24 hours a day.