The Truth About Vehicle Wraps

by | Aug 28, 2014 | Business

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If you want to make your business noticeable, you can always order customized vehicle wraps. In Queens, they appear regularly as portable outdoor advertising billboards. For some, it is more effective and less expensive than a design paint job. For other businesses it is all about making their existence more visible. For everyone vehicle wraps are a memorable means of letting people all around the city and even state know about your company, services and products.

What are Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wrapsare type of vehicular advertising. It is accomplished by wrapping part, or all, of the vehicle in colored images. The vibrant result was previously only possible by pain staking hand painting. Today, it is possible through computerized creations and the application of the printed vinyl results to any vehicle surface.

Vehicle wrapping can consist of almost anything you can imagine. This can be:

  1. Numbers

  2. Addresses

  3. Magical or creative creations and symbols

  4. Photos of actual company employees

  5. Company icons or brands

These are only a few of the things you can integrate into the wrapping. By talking to the professionals in Queens and elsewhere in New York, you can come up with some very unique and eye-catching designs that are easily translated by the professionals into vehicle wraps.

Types of Vehicle Wraps

The types of vehicle wraps can be looked at in two different ways. They can be classified by the amount of surface covered. They can also be categorized according to the process. As a result, vehicle wraps may be considered:

  1. Full Wraps: This involves the covering or wrapping of the entire vehicle with the vinyl wrapping.

  2. Partial Wraps: The wrapping is restricted to a portion of the vehicle. It can be left this way or later, if it is a matter of budget, another section can be wrapped at a later date.

  3. Digitally Printed Wraps: These are the result of printing off a computer design on a wide-format printer,

  4. Pre-Cured Wraps: These wraps are already available in various solid colors as well as textured films.

The films used in both the pre-cured and digitally printed vinyl may be thick and very adhesive (calendared vinyl) or easy to reposition and hugely conformable (cast vinyl).

When it comes time to decide on how best to advertise your business to increase your catchment basin, consider the possibilities of vehicle wraps. In Queens, they are becoming the most effective way of letting everyone know what you and your business, large or small, are all about.

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