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Posted by on Feb 25, 2019 in Telecommunications |

The Top Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Business Telephone System to VoIP

The Top Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Business Telephone System to VoIP

During the past two decades, the development of the Internet has coincided with great technological innovations in telecommunication. A person using a Telephone System in Tacoma Wa can speak with someone in Colombia, South Carolina in seconds by dialing a number. A vacationer in Miami can talk to their stockbroker in New York City. The telephone-;like the Internet-;has forever changed the way that people live at home and work. Upgrading your phone system improves the quality and efficiency of your life and business in three important ways.

  • The Sole Advantage of a Traditional Systems is Insignificant:
  • The sole “advantage” that a traditional phone has over a modern one is that it’s programmed for 911-Emergency Services at the time of installation, whereas modern phones are often not. This issue is easily solved by registering the phone’s IP Address to a physical location. By registering the IP Address, people calling 911 on a Telephone System in Tacoma Wa can expect emergency personnel to arrive at the building they are calling from instead of at the phone company’s headquarters in another city.
  • VoIP Systems Offer More Standard Services:
  • A hundred years ago, hearing a person speak through an electronic device was a miracle by itself. Today’s user, however, can expect more from the telephone. Modern IP-based phone systems offer more than just standard features like voicemail. They also provide instant messaging, video calling, location sharing, and other services. A Voice over IP or VoIP system can forward calls to mobile devices, and even the most basic plans include features like intercom and conference calling.
  • VoIP Systems Offer More for Less Money:
  • Traditional phone systems depend upon an expensive infrastructure of wiring and cables in order to function. The need for all those antiquated wires creates an expense for the consumer. According to a survey by Consumer Reports, telecommunications customers reported saving an average of $50.00 a month after replacing their traditional phone systems with VoIP services. Customers who make international calls stand to gain additional savings, as the rates for international calling are far lower with VoIP than traditional phone companies.

The telephone has become one of the most important small appliances in use. As the modern home and office both continue to evolve and adapt to the modern world, so will their telephone systems. Modern consumers can spend less and get more by upgrading to VoIP.