The Surprising Ways that a Reliable Plumber in Harrisburg PA can Help Improve Your Home

by | Aug 28, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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You already know that you can depend on a quality plumbing contractor to unclog drains and replace leaking pipes. However, you may not realize that they can also help create a healthier, more comfortable, and energy-efficient home. Today, a Reliable Plumber in Harrisburg PA offers valuable services that include:

AIR QUALITY CHECKS: Modern homes are super insulated, to retain cool and heat. Unfortunately, this also means that they trap contaminants, including pollen, pet hair or dander, dust mites, mildew, and mold. These irritants often thrive in duct work, and circulate throughout your home, causing indoor air pollution. A plumbing contractor who provides HVAC services can check your air quality and recommend solutions to improve it. These may include the use of HEPA filters, air cleaners, and dehumidifiers. Professionals can also improve air by cleaning air ducts.

SOLAR ENERGY OPTIONS: Whether you want to explore eco-friendly energy options, or are searching for ways to reduce utility bills, your plumber can explain how solar solutions can help. If you decide it is for you, they can review the costs and benefits, and install a system that provides sustainable energy for years.

EFFICIENT A/C OPTIONS: HVAC trained plumbers can inspect your air conditioning system, and determine how much energy it uses to cool your home. They may suggest cleaning, thermostat replacement, or servicing to improve performance. However, professionals can also show you how a replacement unit can reduce energy use and often make your home more comfortable. They can explain how you can quality for energy tax credits or rebates.

EFFICIENT PLUMBING OPTIONS: An expert plumber is qualified to inspect your hot water heater, sprinklers, boiler, and water treatment system, among other areas of your home. They can assess efficiency, and suggest options that will increase performance and lower operating costs.

Modern plumbers are often well qualified to inspect, repair, or upgrade multiple home systems. They can help customers save money, and increase efficiency in air conditioning, plumbing, and water treatment systems, among many others.



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