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Posted by on Nov 27, 2015 in Garage Doors |

The Process of Installing Garage Door Replacement Panels

The Process of Installing Garage Door Replacement Panels

A garage door makes it easy to gain access to a home while keeping would-be intruders out. While garage doors are designed to last for years, there may be times when they malfunction or are damaged by a careless driver. Luckily, most repair companies can install Garage Door Replacement Panels to keep a door looking great and operating smoothly. Not only can replacement panels save money, but they are an easy and fast way to restore the functionality of a damaged garage door. The following is an overview of the process, and what a homeowner can expect when a repair team arrives.

Disengage Any OpenersThe first step is to disengage any opening systems that may be in place. There is normally a release built into the opener that makes the process quick and easy. Once disconnected, the team will examine the extent of the damage and determine whether any guides or wheels also need to be replaced. Make sure the installation team thoroughly inspects the parts before moving forward with the repair process. Remove Damaged PanelsThe next step is to remove the damaged panels. Depending on the extent of the damage, they may need to completely dismantle the garage door. It may also be necessary to replace panels that don’t show physical signs of damage. Ask the technician to explain the damage and the need behind replacing any panels that do not appear to be damaged.

Installation and TestingThe last and final step is to install the Garage Door Replacement Panels. Once they are in place, the technician will then reconnect the opener and test the system. They may need to make adjustments to the track and wheels to ensure it runs smoothly. It is important that the homeowner tests the door before they finish to ensure they are satisfied with the work completed.

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